Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mariella, ella, ella, ay?

This girl is awesome. JUST SAYIN. I think I've always wanted to be her... secretely. I mean, she has great style, and she's super funny! She's just a really cool person. I like her :)

Cary Judd

Wow. Was I intimidated by this whole shoot? YES. I was so extremely nervous to take pictures of him. I mean, not only do I hardly ever take pictures of guys, but I never have taken musician photos either. BUT let me tell you, he was such an extremely kind, and cool person. I was afraid that it might be awkward (I'm the most awkward person, just so you know. haha.) but it was so fun! I had such a blast! No joke. He was great. Truly.

blog shmog

I really need to be more better.... more better? Is that even correct or proper english?? Who really knows? Anyways, I need to be better (okay so just subtract the more, and its sounds correct... i think.) at blogging. Sadly, I just never take the time to keep up with it. I post things like 5 years later, hoping that people will look at my blog. Ha. I'm funny to myself. Anywho. Blogging4lyfe.
Can I just tell you how much I adore this couple? Not only are they good looking, they're the nicest people ever. Seriously. Both of them. They just make me feel so good! They inspire me too, which is always great! :)