Friday, February 25, 2011

Cleveland//Waiting for my flight

Therefore; I am editing pictures. I honestly have nothing else to do. (Except read Jane Eyre...which I really need to finish.)

So here are some old pictures that I never edited. Mostly candid and not really planned. So there's that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family. Isn't it about time?

Hello lovelies!
I just wanted to blog about my wonderful sisters. I love them so much. They inspire me in so many ways. They are both very unique, creative, beautiful, and wonderful. I don't tell them very often, (I have a hard time expressing my love. Okay?!) but I am so grateful to have them in my life, and I love them with "every fiber of my being" (or so the saying goes?)

First comes Jessica. I was five years old when this lil ray of sunshine came into my life. Of what I can remember I was so happy to have a baby sister. Of course, I had my jealousy issues (Come on, I was my parents only daughter, and my grandparents only granddaughter for five years!) but I still cared for her. She was such a happy baby, and girl growing up. Thats why we called her sunshine! She makes us all smile, because when she walks in a room the energy she lets off is amazing. She makes you feel included and special. She always makes me feel beautiful. I LOVE YOU JESS! (first picture taken by my lovely momma. Second Picture by yours truly)

Then comes Emily! Emily, oh Emily. She was my best friend when I felt lonely, she was my muse when I needed inspiration, she was my motivation when I needed motivating. Emily, I heart you. She came into my life when I was 8 years old. She was the little baby that I could hold when I wanted to feel *mature*. She was such a cute girl, and she still is. Ever since she was young she has had a very strong personality. She knows what she wants, and she will get it, no matter what. We always joked that Jess was the ray of sunshine, while Emily was the raincloud... haha! She had such an attitude when she was little. She didn't want to be held, she wanted to do things her way! Emily is seriously an amazing girl. She has so many talents, and such drive to make her dreams come true. I am envious of that. There are so many things I could've done when I was younger, but I had horrible anxiety and would never persue things to the full extent. Emily is afraid of nothing. I LOVE YOU EMILY!

I am blessed to have a family that is close. Of course we have our arguments, (especially the three girls. We *have at it* all the time. But we love each other. Thats what matters most.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I am Yours & You are Mine

Happy Valentines Day, Lovelies.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Perfect Day

I stole this Idea from the lovely Rachel. (follow her blog, her pictures are darling!)
 You guys are all welcome to do this. In fact, I encourage you to! It made me happy! ( And I definitely needed happy)

wake up in a room like this

to a guy like this

make breakfast like this together
Wear an outfit like this dress
And these shoes

Drive a car like this
& drive this car to a field &

have a tea party/lunch with my friends (including boys... they all just have to dress fancy fancy fancy)

while listening to fleet foxes play live for us

Spend a lazy hour on the lake in a boat to settle our stomachs
Take photobooth pictures for a while (isn't that just so cute?)

                                               Go on a hot air balloon ride at sunset
Fall asleep in a tent 

Stay Lovely!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



These are a few of my journals.  The one below reads "Arielle's Diary dont read!" Hahh, oh me oh my. I have no idea why its all scribbled on. I mean, I drew the smiley face, but I hopefully didn't draw the scribbles. You never know though, this diary is full of funny little depressed things.
Sep. 16, 1998
"Dear Diere, There are hardly any cute boys in my class but in 4th grade there's a ton!!!!"

Feb 20, 1999
 "Dear Diary,(I learned how to spell) I did not have that much fun today. First when I got home from church i was depending on to watch x-files, but my dad said I couldn't watch it because it was scary. I hate it when they say that. I was looking forward to this show it is so cool. I hate my life."

These two journals I recently bought. They were two dollars are Michaels, and I mean, COME ON! They are so cute, and totally my style.
I got this listography journal/weekly planner in NYC @ barnes and nobles. I love it!
It has these cute pages where you write things: For example-
This is my current journal. Its so cute and the flowers make me happy.
This journal is my 365 days of pictures journal. I bought this little polaroid pogo printer that prints 2'3 sticker pictures off my nikon and I take one every day and put it in this.
These are just some of the little stickers I've put in it.
This was my last journal I completed. It took me a long time to complete because it had so many pages! But I felt accomplished when it was done.
A few pages from it...

I liked this journal also because it didn't have lines and I could draw pictures. Like this one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Guilty Pleasure... and a little obsession.

Do you have any guilty pleasures??
Cause I sure do.

MAGAZINES! Yes, I admit it. I read magazines (well mainly look at the pictures/fashion) all the time! Its just so fun looking at all the fun things people come up with. My favorite Magazines are Vogue, Teen Vogue, Nylon, & Lucky. I used to really love seventeen, but lately I haven't really been interested. The picture above isn't all the magazines I have. These are only the ones I've bought here in WV.
Needless to say, I Heart magazines.

Wanna hear a funny story? Well, one of my teen vogue mags had Justin Beiber on the cover... so what else would I do then to rip off Justin Beieber, Put it in an envelope and mail it to my best friend Mayli. HA! The reason why I sent it to her was because I almost didn't buy that issue because I didn't want to see the Beibs too much, and she was making fun of me. REVENGE!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lost & Found

I found some pictures that I had lost when my computer died. I had just taken them, then the next day, my laptop went to the grave... (yet, now it has been resurrected)

Car Of My Dreams

you know how every girl has the boy of their dreams?? Well, I have a car of my dreams.
This car (or any car of the same sort) is the car I've wanted ever since my sophmore year of high school. I feel like cars that are made these days don't have style! I look at the older cars and they are so darn cute! I know its silly, but I want to drive a really cute car. And this car, is most def cute. I took this while me and Mary were out shooting her pictures. I saw it, and was like "WE GOTTA GET PICTURES BY THAT BEAUTY" ah. My dream. One day, one day....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I think I want to start doing personalized short videos...

for people. Come up with an Idea etc. etc. I think it could be really fun, and really awesome! I think it would especially be cute to do couple movies, of people in LOVE. Ha!
Here's a video I filmed of my sister. This wasn't even really planned, so just imagine what could happen if I took the time to actually set it all up!
click here for the movie short.
(Isn't my sister just a doll?)

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

What does that song come from? What does it mean? IDEK. (I don't even know)
Everyone, this is Mary Rogers. Isn't her name just the coolest? Something about it, that is just so cute! Anyways, so I was planning this elaborate photoshoot to do with Mary that involved constructing a city out of boxes, but at the last minute I changed my mind. 
1. Because I was having a hard time finding boxes
2. I got inspired by this picture
Ah, this was much harder than I planned. First of all, the hearts would not stop tangling together! And I was taping them, and they all kept falling off the umbrella! But, in the end, I think they turned out.
I will definitely be shooting the city shoot later on, once I gather up more boxes!

Mary and I went to drink hot cocoa with carmel shots and talk about life at a cute little cafe. I found out we have LOTS in common. This is why I love meeting people. You find out you're not that different after all. :) (P.S. don't judge the cafe by the random baseball mug.)