Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I took these a few weeks ago, but I haven't uploaded them onto this blog, so I decided I would today. Let me tell you, Megan knows how to work it! Not cheesy though. She's actually really great. ANTM for shorties? She should try it! I can honestly say that Megan is one of the prettiest girls I know. I used to be scared of her... but then I learned that she has a HUGE heart! Seriously. Get to know her, and you'll probably fall in love.
I know I did.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Fork High School Prom

I had the oppurtunity to take some prom pictures for my lovely neighbor Lisa Giffords son. They turned out wonderful! It was such a good experience for me to try something new. Its so different taking prom pictures because when you take engagements, the couple is in love. When you take prom pictures they're usually just friends or don't have a deep relationship/love of each other. These kids were great though! They followed direction well and had  a great chemistry as friends.

Monday, April 19, 2010


My Best Friend. I will FOREVER be indebted to her. Cause she completes my life. Cheesy? YES! True? YES! I would not have been so experienced so fast if it wasn't for her trooping along while I take pictures of her climbing crazy mountains and walking on ice. (okay maybe that was a bit overdramatic) But really. We have spent so many of our days just taking pictures. And its GREAT cause she's beautiful and has EXCELLENT style. I think everyone I know secretly/openly wants to be her.

Rachel & Thiago-First Engagements EVER

We took these pictures in SLC/PROVO UT. I personally think they turned out beautiful.... what do you think?
This couple was perfect. Literally. I couldn't get a "bad" picture of them. They were so cute together. Rachel would always call Thiago "babe" and that was so great.